Skeleton Rocks Au-Ni-Cu

Sipa’s Skeleton Rocks project is four separate tenements with a combined area of more than 800km2 in the Southern Cross district, east of Perth, WA.

The project is located directly to the west of the Southern Cross Greenstone Belt and features shallowly buried greenstone belts prospective for both gold and nickel-copper mineralisation.

Sipa selected the project using a combination of prospectivity mapping tools, regional gravity and magnetic data sets and open file exploration reviews. The project area contains several interpreted shallowly covered greenstone belts visible on open file magnetics and gravity, with little to no drilling ever completed in these areas.

Sipa has planned an aeromagnetic survey in Q4 CY20 to more accurately delineate the location of interpreted shallowly buried greenstone belts as well as identify priority zones along those belts for initial drill testing.

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